About Me

Welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m Isobel and this is my website devoted to bringing you vegan recipes and musings on living and eating as naturally as possible.

About two years ago I completed a short course at the College of Naturopathy on Nutrition for Everyday living (which I would highly recommend) and so began my love affair with healthy food and living with wellbeing at the front of my mind. I stopped drinking coffee, taking over the counter pain killers and started eating fruits and vegetables at every meal and I’ve never felt better for it.


I’ve always loved eating and cooking but trying new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen has become a particular obsession in my adult life. My eyes were opened to veganism in Brighton whilst I was living there for a year during my Masters degree. The place was beaming with vegan joints and healthy cafes long before it became fashionable. This was also the year my sister bought me a NutriBullet for my birthday – an absolute game changing gadget to have in the kitchen!

This blog helps me to find and create new recipes and excites my passion for plant-based foods, vegan cooking and natural living.

What’s with the name? Like Bon Appétit but with Om. To me it means enjoying food with kindness and health at its core.

I’ve had an obsession with Om ever since I travelled around India for the first time back in 2011. Om is a mantra that Hindus and Buddhists use when chanting that has no meaning yet is everything, it is life itself.

If you want to know more about me the best place is probably my Instagram @omappetit. I guess there’s nothing left to say so pick up a spoon and enjoy…

…Om Appétit! X